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Stig Pod won Best system for 2019

STIG, Inc. commenced the start of this current year by travelling out to Bahrain. For those of you who don't have a clue, Bahrain is a truly cool island country situated in the Arabian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia and north of Qatar. The absolute first vape expo in the Middle East was at long last occurring and it was something we just couldn't pass up! 

The Middle East Vape Show, also called MEVS, was an unfathomable show with a huge amount of vape retailers, makers from everywhere throughout the world, vaper and style symbols, DJ's and the sky is the limit from there! The Bahrain International Circuit, where the expo occurred, was pressed out and everybody had an extraordinary time. 

What's more, the measure of energy and backing for the vape culture at the show was simply mind-boggling. Besides, it was likewise a stunning honour when during the honours service STIG Pods was regarded with the BEST DISPOSABLE SYSTEM Award! What's more, for that, we thank everybody who was there and who voted in favour of STIG Pods, and we trust that you keep on staying without smoke as long as possible!

What is it  VGOD Stig pod system?

The VGOD Stig is a dispensable, shut framework case gadget that is air/draw-enacted and contains a little, 1.2ml case inside loaded up with salt nic e-fluid. The case mod is completely coordinated, including the battery, and unit, as there are no removable pieces of the Stig. There is no charging port, as the gadget is expendable and can be discarded when it is done. 

The e-fluid inside the units are a salt nic assortment with a 6% content. The fluid arrangement is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes, as indicated by Stig, the makers. VGOD offers five distinctive dispensable e-fluid cases, Cubano, Tropical Mango, Mighty Mint, Mango Bomb, and Lush Ice, all of which arrive in a pack of three.


Whats in the Stig kit?

As the VGOD Stig is completely coordinated, just as expendable, each "stick" or "unit" comes exclusively enveloped by a pack of three. Vapers can get them as indicated by their taste, however not as per quality, as there is just a single alternative, 60mg (6%).


The Look and Feel of Stig

 The Stig is a closed system, expendable case gadget for e-fluids, made by Stig. The VGOD Stigs are a similar gadget however gone under the VGOD brand. The e-juice alternatives are additionally the equivalent on both organization sites. 

The Stig is a straightforward looking, and easy to work gadget. A similar way an individual would purchase and eat a popsicle is likewise a similar way they would utilize a Stig unit. They unwrap it, devour it, and afterwards discard it (which isn't the best for the earth). 


Superficially, the Stigs are for the most part dark in shading. Every gadget includes an alternate reality on the shell, and one end is level, which is the mouthpiece. What's more, that is it for the external piece of the Stig. Any inquisitive vaper could air out the shell and discover what's underneath, which is the accompanying: 

  • A long, 1.2ml e-juice unit/tube
  • A 250mAh Li-particle battery

The Design of the VGOD Stig

There isn't a lot to the Stig. There is a little opening/wind current vent on the opposite end, where a LED lights up at whatever point the gadget is being used. VGOD says that the whole unit is expendable, yet separating the battery from inside methods, it is conceivable to energize it. Since these are implied as dispensable units, there's nothing to prevent a vaper from investigating, or hacking, the Stig to perceive what is most important to it. 

On the other hand, they could have added a USB port to energize the battery. Same for the "single-use" e-juice compartment, which can be refilled or if nothing else have the juice extricated. The way that VGOD and Stig, figured out how to fit those two essential parts into the limited shell is great.


Taking a gander at it, you comprehend the utility of having an expendable gadget. Rather than concentrating on outer components like the manufacture and solidness, VGOD and Stig concentrated more on the e-juice quality and made the Stigs more for flavor and nic salt aficionados. The cell/unit should keep going for around 270 puffs, generally, as the battery is evaluated for 250mAh. 

The nicotine salt fluid definition is high at 60mg. The high nic content additionally implies that the Stig can last somewhat more, as vapers will endure a shot and be fulfilled for a long time. The length of the battery might be sufficient to fulfill most MTL vapers with such a high focus. Also, in the event that the battery runs out, at that point, obviously, you can simply remove another from the pack.


The Vape 

For a snappy, careless fix of vapor, the Stig cases are perfect. There's no filling the cases with fluid or charging or any catches to press. It is simply open and vape. The different e-fluids give a scrumptious assortment too. Getting two packs of three could possibly last a moderate vaper about a month, among them. 

Tropical Mango 

An unobtrusive, sweet-however not very sweet natural product taste that goes substantial on the mango, while mixing in some other tropical treats like pineapple. Vapers can't pick their nicotine content, so every one of the flavors have the equivalent, extreme throat hit. With this flavor, however, it winds up milder and feels better. 

Mighty Mint 

Menthol is a famously simple flavor to imitate, in the e-juice world, and this salt nic variety does not let down in the frigid sting the vapor levels on the back of your throat. The taste is comparable, yet not as awful or synthetic y as a menthol cigarette, however there are very few notes other than mint discernible. 

Rich Ice 

In spite of the fact that not in the title, the watermelon suggestions of this case turn out when the main puff of vapor is breathed in. The sweet and delicious flavors clear in the vape likewise offer an approach to other tropical suggests a flavor like melon, just as a gnawing, minty completion. 


Cubano (Ku-bano, not Q-bano) shocks everybody with its unequivocally solid, custard/cream taste profile that hits about as hard as a hand-moved Cohiba. In the event that this should be a mix of flavors like vanilla custard and tobacco, at that point it carries out the responsibility, as the better notes rise more from the vapor than anything looking like tobacco season. 

Mango Bomb 

Mango + nicotine salts = Mango Bomb. The other Stig season with mango as its primary draw, the distinction between this one and the Tropical Mango alternative is a couple of notes of citrus, just as menthol, for a touchy lingering flavor.


Closing Thoughts on the VGOD Stig

The VGOD Stig is everything someone wants from a disposable pod device. It has great vapor quality, it is easy-to-use and very convenient. Their main feature has to be their convenience, but their vapor, and flavor quality are above-average as well. The nicotine content is higher than most other pre-filled pods, almost as high as the Juul, but unfortunately there is no option to vape a lower nicotine e-juice.

VGOD makes up for the high salt nic content by making five great flavors for the Stig. No two flavors are alike – even the two mango ones have subtle differences – and they also last for a good while, enough to give a satisfying hit, from beginning to end.


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